RIAA bullying 10 yr olds / disabled

From Xeni (woohoo we love Xeni) at BoingBoing
"Despite her disabled mom's claims of innocence, The RIAA is insisting on deposing Tanya Andersen's 10-year-old daughter in Atlantic v. Andersen, in Oregon. The child was 7 years old at the time of the alleged infringement."
Wtf? What on earth is the point of putting a child through the intimidating process of a deposition. Do 5 RIAA ASSHAT lawyers, in suits that cost more than this little girls mom makes in a year on SS Disability, really need to stare down a little girl? What cost is there to intellectual property? And I didn't realize that Oregon was a hot bed of downloading. How much music could a 7 year old have downloaded? I'd love to meet the giant pussy lead barrister who is making an issue of this. Where the fuck is your common sense? And BTW where the hell is the judge to put a stop to this?

I can't take this shit! The RIAA are going to single handedly be responsible for the complete implosion of the industry they want to protect. How fucking difficult is it for you fucktards to realize that you need to leap into the new millennium and start doing business the way people want to do business in this day and age. We are willing to pay for the music, not for your fucking executive salaries, armies of lawyers, golden parachutes, pointless gigantic ad campaigns, payola radio budgets, and all the other bullshit that has nothing to do with music. We're tired of paying for plastic shrink wrap, clear cases, stupid warning label ultra hyped neon stickers, card board cut out life size images of the latest fuckin loser you're promoting, simply cause thats the way you're daddy did it. Stop sucking so much and maybe we'll download from your site,, OHHHHH yeah WE CANT cause you retards won't get with the fucking program!

Fuck your DRM

Fuck your Gestapo legal tactics


and FYIthe labels responsible for harassing this little girl, hiding behind there asswipe lawyers are....

-Atlantic Recording
-Priority Records
-Capitol Records
-UMG Music and
-BMG Music.

From the recordingindustryvspeople website

Way to go! You should be proud that your lawyers are billing you 10,000% of the actual damage this may have done to you.....FUCKIN' BRILLIANT!

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