Welcome To The New Era Of Web Browsing......

Alright, some years ago Tom Cruise Stared in a pretty cool movie called Minority Report. The special effects were rather cool as was the concept of the overall movie. One thing that was especially cool, was the computers. Generally, If Im not DJing, or working in some manner, im just surfing the net(or sleeping). While doing some surfing, i came accross this, and all i could think was how ABSOLUTLEY FREAKIN AWESOME this would be..... Reguardless of what you use your computer for....

Musician's Friend is the #1 supplier of musical equipment through their awesome catalog and website. They've been around forever so go look. We get paid if you buy something so take a look and anyway we don't charge for the blog right so... have you seen our Google ADS? LOL! just you see them?

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  1. Way to go Captain that is so fucking cool I am speechless. You're right I immediately flashed back to the Minority Report computer. Damn it would be cool to surf that way!



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