Oh the Digital age NUDAR... find the nearest strip club

There's a solution for EVERY "problem" to be found on the internet.

FLASHBACK: Let's say your a horny, single guy working for a touring puppet company and are on the road giving puppet shows to school kids during the day. At night you might want to give all your per diem money to a fine upstanding young woman $1 at a time for the privilege of seeing her finer assets up close and personal. Trouble is your in a different town everyday and it's kind of awkward to ask for directions to the establishments that foster these consumer exchanges whilst driving a van with a picture of cute puppets on the side. What's a guy to do?

FASTFORWARD: Present time Welcome to NUDAR a website that has a mission...
NUDAR is "radar" for strip clubs and nudity. Our goal is to locate every public place and event where you can find naked hotties across the globe - and we need your help!
Yes this website holds the addresses and reviews of the finest in "Live" adult entertainment all over the country. There's a calendar of events and even downloadable POI (Points of Interest) files for your GPS. (These are free for a limited time if you register with the site. $29.99 if you prefer to hold on to your email addy.)

There are LOTS of pictures at NUDAR (Completely NSFW!), a blog, and more.

Sadly I am no know the young man from the story above but if this is something useful for you in the here and now...Have at it!

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