Connect A Desk - the pocket protector of the New Millenium?

One thing about being a Geek is you have to resolve yourself to looking ...well...geeky every now and again. Even in this brave new Geek Cool world functionality may come at the cost of your pride. I take you back to the 70's and 80's and the manda-nerd-atory pocket protector. Yeah it looked ass-tacular but it actually served a purpose and it worked. (I feel it necessary to point out at this juncture that I have never worn, nor would I ever wear a pocket protector.) The same could be said of 80's nerd favorite...the fanny pack. It made you easily identifiable as a geek but it was functional as hell and it was with GREAT reluctance that I gave up my fanny pack when the world cruelly turned against it.

Well in this bold new Geek Cool world it's time once again for a Geek badge of courage and I think it just might be the Connect A Desk! I have definitely found myself in a fruitless search for someplace to set-up my laptop to show someone a video, or to make a quick video. Finding a flat, clean, safe surface can be a challenge in the field. Connect A Desk to the rescue. from the Connect A Desk website....
- The Connect-A-Desk is a new patent pending product that gives you the freedom of mobility while using your
laptop computer.

- Includes everything you need to use your laptop computer while standing or walking.

- Works with any size laptop or notebook computer.

- Adjustable to fit any size person.

- Ergonomically designed for comfort.

- It's truly mobile and portable, no need for a laptop cart or stand.

- Fits into most computer bags.

- Straps can be removed for use as a lap desk.

- MSRP of only $34.95

- Now you can type with both hands while you walk!

- You can walk on a treadmill while you check your email!

- You can easily enter data from multiple locations in a building both quickly, and accurately.

- It's great for inspectors, warehouse supervisors, inventory control specialists, bloggers, journalists, and ANYONE
who wants the freedom to be mobile while using their computer.
I think it's a great solution possibly worth abdicating any sense of cool you may be holding onto while you've got to get that blog post written. There's a video on the website that needs some serious editing help but if this is something useful for you click HERE and buy your Connect A Desk now for only $34.95.

Speaking of Pocket Protectors they may be making a comeback...

Pocket Protector 2.0
Upgrade your geekwear with this fabulously functional Pocket Protector. Each 5-3/4" x 3-3/8" vinyl accessory has multiple storage compartments to store everything from pens and laser pointers to flash drives and mp3 players. It even includes a 36", nylon, breakaway lanyard so you can wear it around your neck at conventions, conferences and symposiums. Comes with a sheet of 25 cling stickers of various geeky icons and symbols that you can use to add some pizazz to your protector.

Hey they're only $4.95 maybe I should get one and see what I was missing! Take a gander HERE.

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