Turn you Laptop into a Tablet w/ Touchscreen

Ok no fucking way! This is too cool. As the entire Yamagoo crew uses Laptop computers, when I got this in the Greader, by way of the Gizmodo, I was stunned into covetous silence. It's the Laptop Tablet and it converts your lappies LCD into a touchscreen by way of USB. You can use the pen that is included in with the unit, or your finger, or anything else that can touch the screen for that matter. I can imagine that this would be cool for many of the DJ programs that we all use. Particularly Virtual DJ, with a nice big button skin.

The unit is from a company called NAVIsis and has some really reasonable requirements, which means that I could attach it to one of my older lappies and it would work just fine. In theory it ought to work with ANY LCD. According to the Gizmodo post it costs $130. Not bad at all!

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