International Shutdown Day - Shut This Down

Every now and then an idea comes along which is so helplessly fucking misguided that it deserves to be ridiculed and made fun of to expose it's stupidity. ISD or International Shut Down Day is just such and idea.

Right along with every call for a one day boycott on buying gasoline, ISD is so lame in its premise that it not only won't happen en masse, but would indeed put ripples into the pond that would cripple the "free time" and "green" intentions that it claims to support. How the fuck are you going to ask people to shut down their computers for a day? Do you live in the real world of today? EVERYTHING runs on computers eventually. The most seemingly dissociated event, participated in by humans, will if followed through from its origination to it's conclusion involved a computer at some point. I agree with Darren from Engadget...

If you enjoy the taken-for-granted luxuries in life such as functioning stoplights, NCAA March Madness, open retailers, free flowing communications, carelessly Photoshopping, penning an email, and say, browsing Engadget, then it's fairly safe to say you'd be having one lousy Saturday if ISD was widely accepted.

Don't believe that everything you do has a computer in it somewhere? Leave me a challenge in the comments and I'll show you where a computer is in on the action.

The folks behind ISD, with their warm fuzzy intentions need to address the real fucking problem at the root of the waste they want to combat, be it energy, or time. And oh by the way, on behalf of the MILLIONS of people who love their computers, and enjoy them, daily.....FUCK YOU!

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