Daily Beats ...Fresh beats served daily

"welcome to dailybeats - a simple blog were you can find fresh beats every day. at least this is the plan."

Thats what appears in the "About" section of Daily Beats. What appears daily in the content are some of the slammingest mixes from some of the top working jocks and uber-djs in downloadable format.

So I am listening to one of the mixes and it's pretty slamming...

The mixes are continuous but in most all cases you get a list of the tracks in the post and a link to download the full mp3. The mixes average 30-40 minutes give or take with some longer exceptions.

Here the sh-nizzle though....if you use Google Reader go and subscribe to the feed and when you receive each new post you'll be able to preview it immediately right in your reader!!!!!!!


  1. These beats are slammin!

  2. I know I've picked up some really great stuff from this site


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