Rachael Ray the new face of Dunkin Donuts

OK here we go again! There's nothing I like more in this world than a Dunkin Donuts "Great One" with cream and extra-extra sugar. I also have a huge crush on Rachael Ray. I don't know exactly what it is, but she definitely has something.

My wife would tell you that it's because she can through an entire day spending just $40 to eat while out for three meals. I think it's cause something in the way she carries herself with the constant smiling, bad jokes, and serious arsenal of guy friendly comfort food recipes says to me that she'd be cool to hang out with and vicious in the sack.

Well two of my favorite things are now together as Rachael is the new spokesperson
for Dunkin Donuts. Now I know there are people (my wife) who really cannot stand Rachael, but come on! She is alot easier to look at than the DD "Time to make the donuts guy" , may he rest in peace, ever was. - Go beyond blogging. Capture your life events to share online or just with your friends. FREE


  1. Damn I'm HUNGRY NOW!


  2. I need a coffee...FIRE UP!


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