Yamagoo Summit Recap...

Hey Gang! DJ J here in New off the Yamagoo Crew Summit Lite, and on my way to a Surprise 25th Anniversary Party in Wheelock,VT. Lets catch up shall we....

The Yamagoo Crew Summit(Lite) included 4 states, 2 live webcasts with 40+ viewers (Thank You ALL!) who got to eat lunch with DJ J, DJ Greggie C, and Vince (yet another DJ) and got to hang out in Greggie's studio upon completion of the install of a window into the vocal booth. The studios looking real good! We also installed a permanent mount for the "Yamagoo Studio Cam" and figured WTF! Why not broadcast an impromptu mix session with Greg, The Captain, and myself. So we did!! I have 3 hours of video to sort through from the live mix show but I promise a video by the end of the week! Cross my heart. We had alot of people hit us up that night, many stayed, a few logged in to live chat with us. It was a GREAT vibe. Fast forward to the next night and we're live from the infamous "Bistro" which is a secret and well hidden oasis for Yamagooers, where we streamed a rehearsal of Pro Bono, featuring Greggie C on lead vox/harmonica/COW BELL! (Freakin Sweet)...We've already posted some of Pro Bono on Yamagoo Tube...and I have another 3 hours of video from this to screen. There will be tons more and I promise a quick re-cap by the end of the week as well. While we were blown away by the response 40+ viewers live..we hardly let anyone was sort of spontaneous.. We sent out a couple MySpace Notices but nothing too huge....posted a banner on the main page and BLAM! Instant live internet show...WITH chat! (We also emailed people but not too many, and called 1 or 2) Pretty successful for no pre-planning. It begs the question ...Do we need a Yamagoo Email List?? For now just leave a comment with some contact info and SIGN UP in caps and we'll let you know whats happening, while I cook up something more permanent.

The good news is really that we've decided to do more webcasting...We are in the process of getting webcams to the whole Yamagoo Crew and do some more instant webcasting live on the way you don't need to register with Stickam to chat during a broadcast...single click the video thumbnail, pick a chat name and hit enter, but if you do sign-up you can watch everyone else whos online with a cam in the chat. Greg and I have agreed to try and "get live" all day at work when we can. Get your Stickam account and spy on us all day live on line! Too weird? ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTELY! Yamagoo...Fire up!

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