Dominios Vs. Pizza Hut

I happened to see the post about cell phones, and it reminded me about something that happened last Sunday, During the Eagles game. It was me, and some buddies and the eagles game had just started (4:30 start as a reference), so we decided to order some food. And since I brought the BEER, it was up to my boy to pay. And he wanted Pizza Hut. Now personally, I prefer PAPA JOHNS, but I was hungry so I really did not care.

He ordered 2 pizzas, and 3 orders of wings, gave them a credit card number to pay for it, and they proceeded to tell him that it would be 4 hours before it got delivered. 4 HOURS?!?! WTF!!! Needless to say we decided to cancel that order and go somewhere else.
Over the next 2 1/2 hours, we were calling Pizza SHut, getting told that we were "givin a wrong time", transfered to the location (when we called, we got a call center) and hung up on repeatedly (5-6 times each) and now the 3rd quarter was about to start. Thats when my boys phone rang.... it was pizza hut. Now after all this, you would think the driver was lost, right? WRONG!!! After all that, they were calling to tell us that the food was not going to be delivered because pizza hut closed 2 hours ago (Shortly after we ordered). Sure, they gave a $30 credit and apologized, but come on!!We called Domino's, made the same exact order, and it was there in 20 minutes. 20 minutes!!! Now, while I don't order pizza that much to begin with but you can be damn sure that when I do, it wont be from Pizza SHUT! even if it was with a $30 credit. Looking at those pictures, I'm going to order from Domino's!!!


  1. Pizza Slut is better pizza but their delivery is for shit.

  2. Im gonna leave an upper decker at every pizza hut I Visit now papa johns has those peppers & the Garlic sauce YUM!


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