DJ J's NYE BASH - The Dirty edit

Here's a quick, down and dirty edit of the NYE bash. It was pretty hot, though I have to admit it wasn't as slammin' as last year. We had twice the lights this year but the venue added a theme (Hollywood) and it sucked some of the life out of the party cause it attracted a slightly older crowd. No bare breasts or fights this years so there was some bad and some good compared to last year. We upped the ante with the sound reinforcement too....4 additional 2400 watt amps and 2 extra 18's in the front for a total of 4 (This does not count the two that were half way back in the room they had separate power so in actuality there were 6 subs!) there were 4 15"s on the front end and I have no idea what got put in the middle of the room. We packed out the dancefloor room, (yes there are multiple rooms for this one party -1 The Dining Room which stays open all night, dinner and hors devourers 'til midnight then restocked for breakfast from 1am til 3am. 2-The Lounge quiet for chilling, and its pretty damn dark so we're pretty confident theres some screwing goin on in there! and 3-The dancefloor/main room which the fire code says holds 570)....tickets are sold to couples only (no hitting on anyone, well except for the handful of "swinger" couples that show up each year) and include dinner and breakfast, a room, and the party for $199 per couple, not too shabby. We net a couple grand on the party after expenses! This is the 5th year (I didn't DJ the first 2 years as i was at 8-Tracks) and they've already committed for next year. To be honest I wouldn't mind a new gig...this one is too grown up for me now. Anyway I have almost 7 hours of footage from the gig I don't know when I'll ever watch it all. This is just a small taste. I tried to find a bit of the crowd shots, but I didn't tape them..(obviously I was a little busy). Enjoy!


  1. hey dude, dont complain, I was stuck in Vineland NJ for my NYE bash...sigh, Im still small potatoes, LOL.

    BTW I need that NIN/ 50 Cent mix, frikin' killer...clean edit if possible though!

  2. There are no small potatoes DJ's just crappy parties! I highly doubt you threw a crappy party.
    I'll flip you a copy of the Mash-up when I'm in town. Sun - Wed though there's no clean version currently we can work a little "Fusion Magic" on it!

  3. Actually my NYE gig was pretty kickin' all things concidered.

    I happen to like a mix of older with the younger crowd, I get to play with the mix a bit that way, keep it fresh for everyone.

    My "slammin" set NYE started with a pretty damn good beat mix of "I Will Survive" into "Billie Jean" into "Sexyback" into "Apache" into "The Perculator" into "Baby Got Back" into "Fegilicious"...a little something for all, LOL.


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