Celebrity Asshole Of The Week: 1/1/07

The first day of a new year and already I have my Asshole Of The Week: Washed up game show host Bob Eubanks.

Bob was co-host of todays Rose Parade in California and made very disparaging remarks against the members of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars Fan Club dedicated to making their own authentic costumes (Stormtroopers, Bounty Hunters, Imperial Officers and of course Darth Vader to name just a few), a fan club that has grown into a worldwide organization of people of all walks of life who in addition to their Star Wars related projects spend COUNTLESS hours in community work and charity events.

This group of men and women from around the world were hand selected by George Lucas himself to march in The Rose Parade along with the Star Wars floats as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of the films release.

So, what kind of RESPECT do you think Eubanks, a man who should thank his lucky stars for whatever gig he can still GET on TV, gives to these amazing, hard working, creative, charitable people?

He called them "groupies" and stated that "they all need to get JOBS."

Laugh it up, asshole, just wait until you see the boat load of hate mail you will soon be getting from irate Star Wars fans around the WORLD.

What a total lack of class: Did he make the same comments about the guys dressed up as mideivel knights? Of course not! Did he think of how humiliating his comments would be to all those people who worked so hard to get there, practice their marching, and make sure they did their part to make the event special only to hear that PUTZ insult them???

On behalf of Star Wars fans everywhere: FUCK YOU, BOB.

DJJ- Our celebrity asshole has a website...I won't post a link cause fuck him, BUT I bet a shallow asshole like this uses his name for the email address so spam sucking robots give this a try I also found this one


  1. I have to agree whole heartedly with Tommy's choice for asshole of the week. Who the fuck is Bob Eubanks anymore. Listen ass bandit, you are co-hosting the fucking rose parade coverage on HGTV your career is the YOURSELF are nothing more than a bad and dated joke! Congratulations though your the Yamagoo Asshole of the Week!

  2. I also located a myspace page with Bob's name on it and informed him that we had named him asshole of the week. I hoe he shits himself and tries some sort of libel crap..the press would be GREAT!

  3. I am SO there...I have a TON of SW friends that would LOVE to send this dickweed a message or three.

    hey I can take the "Star Wars Geek" jokes like a man and laugh with the best of them, but that cocksucking Eubanks didn't just insult the 501st. with his dumb ass comments, he insulted every single Star Wars fan around the world, including ME, and I take that personal, especially from some two bit has been relic from the 70's game show idiot.

    I personally would like to soak his hair piece in gasoline, set it on fire and shove it up his ass with a fireplace poker.

  4. LOL thats too funny! Fireplace poker...ROTFLMAO! too funny!

  5. It's a great MENTAL image, ain't it...?

  6. bobs gonna get alot of hate mail, Im posting this everywhere I can. "You Can't win Darth, if you strike me down i will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. May The Force be with You always!


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