Hottie DJ w/Talent Nikki Belucci

So here's a new feature from the Yamagoo crew. HOTTIE DJ's of the world. We are DJ's and we know talent....then combine smokin hot looks with that talent and you are a beautiful creature to behold.

So we're gonna begin HERE with NIKKI BELUCCI. One of our friends from MySpace. Here's a snippet from her bio (forgive the broken english she's Hungarian and it's probably freakin hot as hell when she's talking)...

Niki Belucci an attractive and modern girl, is the leading female DJ in Hungary. Eroticism is part of her life, this is the reason why she also plays topless. She became the synonym for inspired eroticism, beauty and energy. She stays for the new generation of female DJs worldwide, they are beautyful, desirable, alluring and charming. Niki launched herself into the club life in autumn 2003.

Together with friends, who showed her how to work with the Vinyls, she spent the time with practice of mixing and listening to the vinyls in record shops. Niki prefers House Music which reveals in the material of her album. It was composed together with Zsolt Suták. The album came out in the beginning of December 2004 under the publishing of MIMA MUSIC. This album helped her to get bookings in all the Clubs, Discos, Radio and TV Shows in Hungary. In December 2005 she was one of the main acts in the TV Reality Show Big Brother in Hungary.

Here's a video of Nikki in action...
Niki Belucci

Yes..she's topless....Yes she's hot....Yes she's got talent....Yamagoo's innaugural Hottie DJ...Nikki we're in love! more here on YouTube


  1. I hate to sound like that twit Paris Hilton but...thats HOT.

  2. fucking A Tommy....fucking A!



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