Kicked from BlogTV AGAIN!

This is getting to be a regular affair. Once again i was kicked off BlogTV for some unknown offense during the Geek Cool broadcast. We had a visit from one Moderator Mod SHaron. Mod Sharon asked that I not post anything "extreme" no nudity, no sexually explicit pictures, no....THONGS?

So anyway I removed what Mod Sharon referred to as the "objectionable" pictures and we carried on, much to the amusement and bewildrement of those watching the show. All of the pics cycled through about 10 more times with no problems and suddenly with about 4 minutes remaining in the show...BLOCKED!?!

A message which said I should use the "CONTACT US" form to inquire as to the nature of my offense. The CONTACT US feature was however NOT WORKING when I chose "other" as the subject. After several additional attempts I found that using the "I cant start my show" subject was acceptable and off went my message. That was 30 minutes ago (good thing I wasn't asking for help to get started!) and I have still received no clue as to what the problem was? I have posted here the pics that may have raised the ire of tell me do you see any nudity? Anything sexually explicit?

C'mon BlogTV what's your beef?

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