BlogTV unblocked but still WTF?!

So the BlogTV moderator Team finally got around to replying to my email...AT 10:53am!!! Just over an hour before the show was scheduled to go on. Then they took their time in reinstating the live broadcast capabilities and caused the show to start late. Here is their full message...

Hi yamagoo,

Your broadcast was terminated for continuing to show inappropriate pics even though you have been warned several times in the past.

Please note that pictures containing nudity, sexual content, thongs, or other pics that may be considered extreme or too suggestive are not allowed and are, in fact, a breach of the terms of use.

We can unblock your show but only if you let us know that you understand and accept our rules, and will not repeat the same behavior in the future.

Should you have any hesitations regarding specific pictures you are more than welcome to contact a moderator and we will be happy to see if it complies with this policy.

Thank you for your time and cooperation,
BlogTV Moderation Team
Yeah, yeah yeah...so I sent them the mia culpa they wanted... but I still don't get it so here is the rant from todays show...you decide.

TOS Who does it Apply To? - Broadcast your self LIVE

Here's the video of the 17 yrd old member I talked about in the video above (and her over 21 yr old co-host..(btw this video is STILL featured on BlogTV's main page)

Boob dance! - Broadcast your self LIVE

and here's the Rockland FHM top 10 show which was live on BlogTV and is featured proudly on his BlogTV home page...including his "Fap-o-Meter" complete with cum splotches and all (ATTENTION: I think Rockland's show is GREAT! I just don't see how he gets to do this and I get my balls busted)

Here's the email response from the Community Manager at BlogTV..

What happened was that you were warned about showing those pictures which are in clearly violation of our terms (which are not arbitrary, they are legal issues) and then you continued to do so.

There are screen caps and times to prove exactly what happened.

Regardless, you have not been in trouble in the past so if you write to moderationatblogtv.com and promise them that it wont happen again, they will unblock the show.

Understand that the choices about not showing images like that are not our personal choices and we do understand that they are not THAT bad. However, we have to enforce rules on a large community of people here and if we begin to let these things slide for some people the rest will freak out.

Thank you for understanding,

and THERE's the rub...the rules aren't enforced on everyone...in factthe mods DO let things slide for some but not for all. I am the "the rest" and I am "freaking out" because the rules are the rules according to the emails I received, but they don't apply uniformly AT ALL!
I'm not even going into some prominent long time BlogTV broadcasters who graphically describe sexual acts, or participate in orgasm faking competitions. I didn't take it anywhere NEAR that far. So which is is BlogTV?

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