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Perhaps you've seen you haven't but the social network is making a strong play to position itself as the place to see and be seen for webcasting and live blogging on the internet.
I signed up shortly after the site came out of private Beta and have been dipping my toe in the pool to get a feel for what the site is capable of. I gotta say there are lots of reasons why LiveVideo may just come out on top of the heap.

LiveVideo offers more broadcasting options than any of its competitors. As a matter of fact the newest high quality video option in its basic player gives you the clearest image available currently, outside of Mogulus. They also offer a LivePro option but when using a program like WebCamMax to control graphics, overlays and to play streaming video the signal degrades significantly. It is my understanding that they are feverishly working on incorporating their High quality option into this streaming interface and when they do...well they'll be pretty much the best system out there.
LiveVideo will make social networking freaks VERY happy. Not surprising since that's where they have their roots. Options like integrated forums, gifts, earnable "points", blogging, widgets and more make this the friendliest of the webcasting neighborhoods. There's also an 18+ ONLY option for broadcasters which ostensibly offers much more cover to creators who want to dance on the edge of political correctness. While the sites TOS are reminiscent of everyone elses, as long as your not broadcasting hardcore porn, or straight nudity, you can pretty much do what you want.
So is the final home for the Geek Cool Webcast?
Hmmmmm...YouTube? Exactly how long til you guys are ready for streaming video?
Maybe I shouldn't just wait?!?

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