FoxXxcast tonight...and an intrguing offer

Don't forget to tune in tonight to the RaunchFoxXx FoxXxcast on at 9pm PST /12 Midnight on the East coast. We'd love to see you there. On that note I have been entertaining the possibility of offering a special Unedited DVD version of my two popular CANCELLED FoxXxcast segments Gash or Stache and Rack or Crack.

If you don't watch the show the segments are games where you decide whether the small edit I show you is either a piece of a womans hairy hoo-hah or a guys stache or in the case of rack or crack if the edit comes from some hefty sweater meat cleavage or from a "coin slot" plumbers crack. On the show we honor the TOS (Terms of service) for the networks that we broadcast on (Stickam and BlogTV respectively) and therefore make certain to edit all the "naughty bits" out of the reveal shot. In the case of Gash or Stache in particular these pictures tend to be ...well....disgusting, but are mostly hidden to respect the rules. (note- Gash or Stache was not originally my idea but was rather the brain child of Craig David from the outrageous and awesome website and was a flash game called Gash or Tash. I have modified the game and taken it elsewhere but credit is always do where it is do!)
SO I have been contemplating a legal way to show the 25,000 or so regular viewers of the FoxXxcast what they have been "missing." I'm also interested in seeing how many of these folks actually visit the blog here. So maybe we'll have to come up with a guage. Buy a Gashologist T-shirt (To the right of this post) and get a free DVD? Hmmmmm? Let's start with this...If you would like to own a copy of this limited edition DVD or are a FoxXxcast regular...Drop a comment here and we'll see what we can do. DISCONTINUED!!

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