Domino's Online Pizza Tracker..WTF?

You have got to be kidding me! According to the Adult Weekly Reader USA Today Domino's Pizza has an online Pizza Tracker that will accurately track your Pie to within 40 seconds of accuracy from the time you place your order to the time it shows up at your door. WOW! Great use of internet technology...NO...No I am serious that is impressive. It's a great forward thinking marketing tool and I applaud the folks in the marketing department and the web wizards that pulled it all together.


Send these guys into the "test kitchen" at Domino's secret headquarters and have them show the folks there how to make this cheese and red water covered cardboard taste good! THAT will be an amazing achievement! Does having a hot piece of ass-tacular slop that you were able to follow as it made its way to your door really make up for what it is? In the end it doesn't matter that your take out pizza delivery is locatable what matters is that when it get there you actually WANT to eat it!
Check it out at Domi-no-fucking-way-are-we-ordering-that-crap's Pizza Tracker

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