The Captain Is Back, JACK!!!!

Ok, so I have been absent for a little bit, mostly because of work. The other part due to the relationship I was in... Well, needless to say that said "relationship" is over. And while I hate to see a good thing go to waste, better sooner then later. Of course this means that yours truly is back to being a single bachelor. Well, I was in a rather bad mood, on Friday, today is Sunday, and after a great afternoon of Frolf(don't know what this is, read more HERE. want to make it a hobby, visit my friends HERE), a short talk with some friends, and a rather cute blonde girls number, I'm back to my good old self. Thought I'd share a video with all of our readers, that always makes me chuckle... ENJOY!!!

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  1. AWESOME! The whole crew has returned! I am sorry to hear about the relationship though. The chicks in Philly are on notice though..the Captain is a free agent ladies! The freaking video is great, also loved the Frolf link. We ought to do this as the Yamagoo crew. Maybe hold a tourney or something?
    Anyway great to have you back Cap! The place just ain't the same without you!


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