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HEY YAMAGOOERS...Tomorrow we all celebrate the thing that unites us. Yes cannabis, but more importantly freedom. Freedom to choose. We choose to break a ridiculous and arbitrary law preventing us from enjoying one of God's greatest gifts. We Choose to celebrate where others hate. We choose to exercise a subtle, and not so subtle form of civil disobedience. Marijuana culture is becoming much higher profile than it has been since the 60's. National new media carry regular stories vacillating between praise and persecution for the great Ganja. Now even the entertainment networks are stepping up... Check it out G4Tv does us right tomorrow....

G4 - 420
It's 420 and We're the Munchies Posted by dvinson - Wednesday, April 18, 2007 2:49 PM

Hey, wanna party? We've got your party right here! This Friday is 420 and it's a celebration of all things...420. We've go an unbelievable slate of 420 excitment coming right at you! But, not too fast, we don't want to freak you out, man! First up at 7 PM, Attack of the Show travels all the way across the pond to the land of freedom, Amsterdam, to bring you all the mythology behind the holiday.
Then X-Play brings you the most wacked out games with their "One Hour Trip" at 8 PM.
To top it all off, the cherry on the most delicious Sundae you've ever had, is a screening of the Big Lebowski at 9 PM. Wow, now that i've listed it out dude, it's almost too much.
AND THERE'S MORE! In addition to what's on the air, this blog and our 420 page is going to be jam packed with exclusive, web-only content from Amsterdam including awesome videos, unique photo galleries and behind-the-scenes coverage from Attack of the Show! Is your mind blown yet? Tune in to catch all the action starting at 7 PM on 4/20 and check out and Attack of the Blog for all the extra web only coverage! Dude, this Snickers bar is like, totally saving my life right now.

420 Events - Philadelphia
Philly is of course the Yamagoo Hometown. Our WORLD HEADQUARTERS is in Philly (super secret location, requiring spelunking gear, and special bi-focals to locate) and the town will be hosting (like it or not) a 420 event featuring Edward "njweedman" Forchion and members of the US based Legalize Marijuana party are holding a Peace Vigil and march to urge US lawmakers to end the war on Iraq and the war on domestic herb users. Click here for more details
Philadelphia Pa.
Independence Mall in front of the Liberty Bell
High noon
April 20th 2007
420 Here at Yamagoo!

I will personally be mixing live and streaming the movie Half Baked right here on the blog's Stickam during the day tomorrow. I may also lay my hands on a Cheech & Chong movie or two...Who Knows.....Starts at 10am with a brief pause at ......YOU GUESSED IT 4:20!

Here's to everyone who's celebrating tomorrow. Do it with class, do it with love. Peace and pot to you all!

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