Blu-ray vs HD-DVD / VHS or Betamax? Warner Total HD

CNET - The NY Times is reporting that Warner Bros. plans to announce a new Hi-Def, single videodisc that can play both Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Just like the good old format wars between VHS and Beta, Blu-ray, backed by Sony and HD DVD, backed by Toshiba and Microsoft launched competing products. The whole thing has pissed off tons of movie lovers, and made for really slow Hi Def video and player sales. (It's also created a nauseating amount of posts just like this one about who will win the "format wars") You may have spent big bucks on that Big screen HD tv but how many people dropped $1200+ on a Blu-Ray or HD DVD player?

Warner Bros. seems to be saying that everyone should win, by putting both formats on a single disc. Only problem I see with this is its logical and corporations detest logic. particularly the fuck ups at Sony, Toshiba (I have a Toshiba Pocket PC - Thanks DJGreggieC! and believe me they can ass rape a consumer but good) and Microsoft(I have two words for you Vista EULA).

Shit get worse when you start to look at who has already chosen sides. these aren't rinky din little piss-ant companies. These are the big boys who tell us everything from what's cool to how to dress. In

Blu-Ray only companies are- MGM, which is part owned by Comcast , 20th Century Fox, a division of the News Corp. and Walt Disney Pictures.

HD-DVD only-Universal Studios, which is owned by General Electric,

Warner and Paramount Pictures, owned by Viacom, are using both formats.

Much of this bull shit has more to do with console gaming than it has to do with the actual movies themselves. The PS3 (Sony) has Blu-Ray built into it and Xbox 360 (Microsoft)just issued a shiny new add-on HD drive.

As you can see these companies have alot to gain, and alot to lose if their own format of choice isn't the eventual winner. Personally the only way I am buying any of this shit is if I end up with a PS3 by some miracle. the movies are over-priced and eventually everything will be available on broadband for viewing on demand.


  1. You know, I concider myself pretty UP on gadgets and I LOVE movies, but I just dont GET all this crap. I am NOT going out and buying all my favorite movies AGAIN dammit, and I certainly aint spending any money on Blue Ray OR HD-DVD until the prices come down to where Joe Average Consumer can affords them.

    They do this EVERYTIME: Remember what a DVD player cost when they first cam out? Now you can get one for 50 bucks or LESS.

    I personally think they are going to have a VERY tough time selling this shit to the masses after all we invested in the DVD format. People arent as STUPID as big business likes to THINK we are.

  2. i love the blog. first time i've come across it.

    adding to my blogroll


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