Create the best Flash clip and win $1000 !

Ron Mann's Cannabis Clip Contest

Hey Flash videographers, animators and artists...

Stretch your creative brains and help NORML get the word out about marijuana law reform.
Director Ron Mann is helping NORML sponsor a Flash contest to be aired on NORML's website, MySpace and on YouTube.

Marijuana law reform is gaining momentum and your creation can help it along. Create a humorous, factual, animated or whatever clip that will help make the case.

Deadline: February 1, 2007 11:59 pm EST

Contest Rules

1. All entries must have marijuana law reform as the primary subject.
2. All entries must be in Flash and can either be an swf file or a link to a video on MySpace or YouTube. See those sites for instructions on how to upload a video.
3. Authors must own rights to all text, images and sounds(non-copyrighted images on the NORML site are okay)
4. Any number of entries are welcome.
5. Final entry swf file or link must arrive via email by the deadline.
6. Please, no vulgarity, foul language, strong sexual content, or nudity.
7. English preferred.
8. 15, 30, or 60-second ads only, 4 MB or less.

Submission Info
Include in the submission email your name and email address. Indicate if you want your email address and/or web site mentioned online.

All submissions sent to: media(at)

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