Attention On Deck....The Captain is Here!

Yes sir, Yes sir, Yes Sir! The Captain is here!!!!

Hello, and Welcome fellow Yamagoo-ers, This Is My First Post here, and of course, This is more of a test to make sure i have things in order for my bigger posts. However I will leave some goodies.

Here is on of my very own recomended Videos- check out ANIMUSIC It's 3D computer graphics backed up by some very cool lounge/trance type music and is definitely worth checking out.

Here is also a video from on of my favorite bands.....Tool!!! Appropriately named "Pot Song" It Seems fitting that it should be posted.

Last but not least, if your in the neighborhood for t-shirts....stop by and see my friends at WickedJester for some decent shirts.
Thats all I got for now, stay tuned for more, as i have much to share and pass on!

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  1. Great to have you aboard Cap! Bout time you made it around! Hope to see LOTS more from the good Captain! Great stuff...Keep it coming!


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