YouTube Killer? Time will tell...

There's been a lot of talk lately about The Venice Project a new venture from the guys who brought us KaZaa and Skype. The idea is pretty impressive. Basically instead of having one spot where a video is hosted centrally, the Venice Project would use P2P to pass the video feed around the web. P2P can get the job done more efficiently and faster. So fuckin what you say? So that means better quality videos and no wait times for the player to load. Imagine crystal clear videos from those soon to be widely available HD PVR's and camera's like DJ J's! Frickin' sweet! Not only that but the interface (which is in a limited Beta test at the moment) looks really nice. Well judge for yourself.....Based on their track record I'd say the guys from The Venice Project have a good shot at actually challenging YouTube for user generated web supremacy. YouTube however shouldn't be underestimated, especially since it's part of the Googleopoly. I'm just wondering when we're gonna see some new, and really impressive tricks, from GooTube

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