Yeah buddy..be afraid!

I have been dying for a high quality video camera for quite some time. Well at least since the first time I saw the Vlog It! software and downloaded the free trial. Well I am the proud owner of this JVC everio MZ-G70 30Gb HDD recorder and wait til you hear what I paid for this $799.00 mini marvel....

So I went to visit my bud Greggie C. (Part of the Yamagoo Tribe) On the way I returned an Aiptek IS-DV2 that I had decided was just too cheesy. I was bumming but figured that Greggie and I would hit up BestBuy at some point. He's a gadget head like me so a trip to BB is not to hard to talk him into.

I arrived about 30 minutes ahead of Greggie to his house which is 2 minutes from Willow Grove Mall. I decided to head over to the mall and check out cameras.

While strolling through the Electronics section of Sears I spotted a sign on this camera that said CLOSE-OUT $199. I asked the clerk to confirm the price, which he did, but was in pretty much the same disbelief I was. No way was this $800 hard disk camcorder marked down $600. Worse yet it appeared that the camera to which the sign referred was not the camera on display. I was bummed but hey it was too good to be true right? WRONG!

I spied a counter case which held all of the returned, "as is" products (Always ask where this stuff is for just this reason.) There on the top shelf was what looked like the same type camera...now if only the barcode numbers matched the sale tag.

A new clerk came on duty from his break and we brought him up to speed. He confided that there had been a series of "screw-ups" up in the office regarding camera prices. He opened the cabinet and took out the camera. I swear I was sweating while he scanned the bar code. IT MATCHED! More importantly the price came up as $199. JOY! ECSTASY! SOLD!

Then the clerk says if you put it on your sears card theres an extra 10% off! CHA-CHING!!!!!

So look out world cause I have the ability to record over 23 hours on the hard disk. I've already gone over the top recording just over 4 hours in the first 24 hours I owned the thing. Check out the YouTube account to get an idea of what the camera can do. (WARNING: the quality of the YouTube videos is not the quality of the camera. I downconverted so the videos would uploade in a reasonable amount of time.

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