FanFilms you WANT to see made

Not too long ago on a different trip to Philly Greggie and I were hanging out when I asked if he had ever seen iFilm's fan film section. He hadn't and as the entire studio is set for surftastic creativity we checked out a bunch of them. Some suck hard, but others are so good you wish they'd make the film for theaters. Greg said that he has seen footage from the Batman vs. Alien vs. Predator at the Halloween Ball in Philly two years in a row. Here are my faves....

GRAYSON-Two decades after the golden age of superheroes has passed, hope has abandoned Gotham City. Corruption has infected Gotham's highest levels of power and led to the death of its greatest champion. Now, former boy wonder, Dick Grayson, will emerge from the shadows of retirement to avenge the murder of his legendary mentor.

GREEN ARROW-An Emerald Archer seeks revenge,justice and to gain control of Star City.

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