Repairing a Run DLL32 problem

Ugh! This has happened to me, and I cannot tell you how sucky it is to get this BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) from Windows. I went at it alone and eventually reached a point where I decided that I had enough backed up that I would just reformat and reinstall. That having been said it still cost me ALOT! So today when I saw that Extremetech had coverage on how to do this I was psyched. Apparently I am not the only one who encountered this problem and made the wrong selections at the prompting of the OS repair disk. So go read the article and make sure you bookmark it. I will archive the answer here so you can come back, if God forbid, this happens to you. Meanwhile Microsoft...could you get on this so its no longer an issue? Here's the proper procedure....
Reinsert the OS disc and instead of choosing Repair in the first screen choose Install Windows. This will not automatically start the install. You will see a screen showing you that an operating system already exsists. This will ask weather you want to install a new OS or repair the current OS?
Choose Repair from this second screen and it will start what's called a dynamic reinstall. Make sure the machine is connected to the internet as much of the repair will be done via the servers in Redmond.

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