John Mayer - Where the light is

I have written about this, and talked about it on-air but according to my wife I have a "man crush" on John Mayer. I describe this as a guy who, if you had to trade lives with, you wouldn't mind. So I guess YES it is true. The guys got a great career, bangs supermodels and hot actresses, not to mention that it was John who hipped me to Paramore months before the rest of the world got on their band wagon. He's one of the most soulful guitarists I have ever heard play, and....he's a geek through and through. Here's the trailer to his upcoming concert video. Looks good. Give him a chance and you never know you might just meet someone you wouldn't mind hanging out with too.

Not only that but the guy has a great sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously so as far as I am concerned haters like Ryan Tate over at Gawker can suck it...jealousy is sooo unflattering

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