Hillary Clinton will make John McCain President

You just have to laugh as you watch it happen. Hillary Clinton cannot mathematically win the Democratic nomination for President by all the math anyone can project and yet her ego will not concede the point. So over the next 7 weeks she will feed the Republicans every bit of ammunition that they need to destroy Barrack Obama in the general election. She will destroy all the party building that Obama's campaign has managed to accomplish. She will force this scorched Earth agenda and disgust and dishearten all the new voters that felt that they finally were going to get a moment to see the Democratic party seize control of a hopeful agenda.
Hillary Clinton's blind ambition and desire to be President will be the undoing of any progress that the Democratic party may have made in this election cycle.


Every argument that she makes against Obama's inexperience strengthens John McCain s hand to say that his experience far outstretches hers. Every stone she throws to ripple the pool creates a tidal wave that the Democratic party will have to withstand in a general election. As she stomps all over the illusion of a fair and democratic process she will expose the democratic nomination process for the sham that it is. As democrats begin to realize that they have no real voice in the process they will go back to being disillusioned and to feeling disenfranchised.


For the next 4 months the Republican party will organize, and fund raise while Hillary morphs from bitch to gentle snowflake and back again as the winds of change demand. While the Republican machine organizes and energizes the base, Hillary and her completely inept campaign staff will sink the democratic party in a sea of muck and mire from which they will have to pull their boots, with a deafening sucking sound to plod awkwardly toward the finish line only to realize that they won the battle but lost the war. Obama has a real shot at defeating the Republican party whoever the nominee, by running on his optimistic, eloquent, inspirational tone. Hell the man even inspires me and I disagree vehemently with his policies. Hillary Clinton will not beat John McCain in a general election.


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