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Basically this blog and others we have created were a way to not only SHARE our Favorites (in Internet Explorer) or our Bookmarks (Mozilla Firefox) but also a way to share ANY Web page that we found interesting. With this all being said I use Mozilla firefox to surf and use an add-on called foxmarks. This add-on synchronizes ALL of my bookmarks on the Other Different computers that I use that have firefox and the foxmarks add-on as well. Oh Yeah, for The New Comers any text in Grey or Blue and Shadowed & underlined as you hover over it with your mouse. is a link will send you to the website.

There is one more Web Browser that is called Opera. I use it for it's Torrent download capability and the Pandora music widget that it has. BUT we will cover Opera in another post.

We do NOT CONDONE The Illegal downloading of Copyrighted Material.

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