The Power Hour just Got Gadgeted - The Shot Caller

I am definitely getting old. I used to be a party animal. Honestly. I used to play all the drinking games there were to play. Then I became a family guy, started a business and well....I fell out of touch with the party set. Today in my GReader I get this story, from Gizmodo...the gadget guide about this new cool gadget called The Shot Caller which helps you play Power Hour, Century Club, or Sick & Twisted.


I had to Google these games to find out what the hell they were! I mean it's bad enough that beer pong came into it's prime after I passed out of mine but now I missed these brilliant games? Oh the humanity! Anyhow....if you're NOT an old fart like me and you want to step up your Power Hour play it seems that The Shot Clock is the way to go...$14.99 can have it for X-mas or better yet for New Years Eve. Take your game Pro...with The Shot Caller.

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