I Want..I Want! Lock and Load!

The best video games are those that let you decide how to solve puzzles. Are you the type who runs in guns blazing? Or do you prefer to hide in the shadows and fire off the one round that brings down the enemy? Time to turn you life into a video game where you can still make these decisions with the Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro
set - perhaps the best "laser" tagging weapons we've ever had the pleasure to fire. Each set contains two blasters pistols, loaded with features - most importantly the LCD Screen which shows your remaining ammo and how many times you've been hit. Want to heft something a little bigger? Lock on the barrel extender and slide on the scope, and now you're holding a blaster rifle.

And that's not even the coolest part. You can set each blaster to be in "Deathmatch" mode (everyone can hit everyone) or you can set each in "Team Play" mode. In "Team Play," you lock your blaster to team A or B (and as many people can play as you have blasters). A's can't hit A's and B's can't hit B's. And in "Team Play" the Radar feature is automatically activated; it will alert you with an audible tone when an enemy blaster is aimed at you. Because unlike some laser tagging games, you don't need to wear any silly vests or targets - it's all built into the blaster! We could write pages about how cool the Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro
set is

Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set

* Includes: 2 Blasters, 2 Scopes, 2 Barrel Extenders (does not affect blaster range)
* Features:
o "Team Play" and "Deathmatch" Modes
o Single or Auto Fire
o Pro and Beginner Modes
o LCD Screen - shows ammo, hits, firing mode
o Scope Attachment (with three views)
o Barrel Extender with foldable bipod legs
o Extendable Shoulder Stock
* Dimensions: 17" long (with barrel extender on); 21" long (with barrel extender on and stock extended)
* Batteries: 6 AA (3 for each gun - not included)

Deluxe Laser Challenge Pro Set In Action. (Please note: Portions of the video were shot using night shot, so the IR beams show as flashes. The beams, however, are not normally visible.)

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