Viewer Descretion SERIOUSLY Advised

So, the Yamagoo-ing spiders reminded me of a video i saw some time ago. While i myself do not Yamagoo, there were some things that came with the RAVE scene prior to its progression into mainstream. Some things i tried, others i had no interest in. But back in the 70s an experiment on the effects on LSD. This video may be found to be somewhat disturbing to some readers, especially cat people. Please, if you are someone that is closed minded, or someone who will read this watch the video, and then complain, then just don't watch. This is really something to make you say WTF.

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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I don't understand why they don't test stuff on lifetime prisoners- at least they can see the effects on humans, not poor defenseless animals. I hope the cat bit the shit out of them when he came down!

  2. Looks like Precious after she ACCIDENTIALLY ate my Yamagoo! She nevre did it again!


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