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If you're new to Yamagoo first let me say welcome, and next let me bring you're attention to the very bottom of this page! There you will find our embedded Stickam player. I stream music and video live from work everyday during the week on the Stickam You can hear great remixes and even make requests by emailing me (you'll see the email addy on the left sidebar and scrolling on the video.
Most of the Yamagoo crew have webcams either built in to their laptops or as stand alones like the ones in the picture (aren't they cute?) which means that at anytime you may be watching us do a live mix show, or maybe checking us out at a gig. That's right no matter where we're playing, as long as there's an internet connection, we can and do broadcast. Stickam is FREE and very simple to set up.
I have also been messing around with and this service which is a Chris Pirillo fave ( if you don't know about Chris go check him, and his lovely and equally brilliant wife Ponzi , out worth the read every time!) while not as intuitive or well documented, holds lots of promise and doesn't some with as many "limitations." is also FREE.
So what's my point? Well there are several. First stop by and see what's streaming at Yamagoo. You never know what you'll see and hear. Second, the technology that makes it possible to see and hear, chat and share is here NOW and we don't need to wait for it. And finally....get a webcam and start streaming. It's fun, helpful, and just one more way to connect to people all over the world.

Scratch & Dent Sale

Musician's Friend is the #1 supplier of musical equipment through their awesome catalog and website. They've been around forever so go look. We get paid if you buy something so take a look and anyway we don't charge for the blog right so... have you seen our Google ADS? LOL! just you see them?

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