FlatWire custom installations without the mess

Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that seem to escape us. Often it's when we're distracted or perhaps all Yamagoo'd up that we have an epiphany and something revolutionary happens. I had just such an experience last night as I was firing up, on a mellow spring evening in my garden. I am in the midst of a new project. It's TOP SECRET for now but I think it's going to be HUGE. I was trying to take this "good idea" and elevate it to being a "great idea." I just couldn't seem to find that spark. Something more was needed and I wasn't sure just what that something was. As the warm, tingly glow of some California Kush ( an aquaintance just came back from Cali and shared some love) was beginning to break over me, spreading from my forehead down and across the rest of my body inspiration crashed down on me hard. I ran inside and began frantically making notes. Now sometimes these moments of THC induced inspiration don't hold up top the scrutiny of the mornings light, but in this case, as many times before, I awoke to find the idea as practical and exciting as it was the night before. If this ends up being my "pet rock" I'll owe at least part my success to some awesome bud and a small but practical water pipe.

Now I am not suggesting that the creators of this product were high when the idea hit them but here's some practical innovation that has been too long in coming. Wanna add surround sound to your media experience but don't relish the idea of ugly wires or opening up the walls? Flatwire can be bent to any shape, is thinner than a business card, and once installed can be painted over and virtually disappears! To quote Peter Griffin..."Freeakin Sweet!" Take a look at the video and prepare to have a "Why didn't I think of that!" moment. Are you inspired? Yamagoo...Fire up!


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