Looking for love in all the wrong places...

As you read in The Captain's latest post he is now a free agent in the relationship market. Now it isn't that we think the Cap isn't capable of snagging a gal real quick like if he wanted to, it's just that we want to make sure that he gets a good one. One who knows exactly what she's in for when she shags a member of the Yamagoo Crew!

To that end the Yamagoo Blog has obtained an exclusive copy of the Captains soon to be published Personal Ad....

Good luck with that! I'd be curious to know if it works!

Musician's Friend is the #1 supplier of musical equipment through their awesome catalog and website. They've been around forever so go look. We get paid if you buy something so take a look and anyway we don't charge for the blog right so... have you seen our Google ADS? LOL! just kidding...no..no...seriously...did you see them?

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  1. Top quality :-D

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