Baby Got Back - Gilbert & Sullivan Style

Ok if you don't use an RSS reader to keep track of your favorite blogs you're surfing harder than you need to. I keep track of all my REALLY favorite blogs and websites, and podcasts, and YouTubers and so on and so on. Everyday a treasure trove of stuff that I specifically like shows up in my GReader, and I share the best with you...my gentle snow flakes(obscure reference...free Double CD set "Yamagoo Spring Jams" to the first person to correctly identify that..oh and a real honest to God Michael Jackson Thriller LP see photo the one with the big fold out!)
So today I pass along some more yummy web stuff from Cory at BoingBoing (Xeni, Xeni, who can we turn to?) who was kind enough to point me toward MPHTower and more specifically this brilliant piece of editing and reworking....

I checked out more of MPH's stuff and it's really good! of course I shoulda figured that BoingBoing wouldn't steer us wrong!

Musician's Friend is the #1 supplier of musical equipment through their awesome catalog and website. They've been around forever so go look. We get paid if you buy something so take a look and anyway we don't charge for the blog right so... have you seen our Google ADS? LOL! just kidding...no..no...seriously...did you see them?

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