McCain staffers stealing bandwidth

This too funny! Apparently the folks at Presidential hopeful and US senator John McCain's campaign headquarters thought they needed a MySpace page to connect with younger voters. So they straight up stole a design from Mike D. (co- founder of Newsvine and designer of many MySpace layouts you've seen on other renowned folks pages) Mike only asks that he be credited for the layout. McCain's people not only failed to credit Mike but the also hot linked to the images on Mike's server. When he discovered the band-width theft he changed one of the stolen images, announcing that McCain was supporting Gay marriage, particularly between hot lesbians! Fucking Brilliant!
The image, which went live on McCain's MySpace page on Tuesday at 9am PST didn't last long, however Mike was able to grab the screen shot (at left) to record for all time the utter clueless, incompetence of some unpaid, loser, wise ass, band-width thief on McCain's staff.
It is my intention to contact McCain's campaign headquarters tomorrow morning and ask for an official response. Stay tuned and I'll let you know what happened.

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