...Albums You've Never Heard of..Earl Greyhound "Soft Targets"

Here's my latest entry for Greatest Albums You've Never Heard of Earl Greyhound...Soft Targets...this is the video for their first single.. S.O.S.

Earl Greyhound began with the collaboration of songwriters Matt Whyte and Kamara Thomas in the spring of 2002 in New York City. The pair began performing regularly as a duo on piano and guitar in NYC and Los Angeles that summer, during which they crafted the sound that would become the nucleus and essence of Earl Greyhound.

They expanded the act into a far louder guitar trio—Matt on lead vocals and guitar and Kamara on bass and backing vocals—with keen aim set on the sound of strident English rock bands from the likes of Queen and Bowie to Led Zeppelin and T.Rex. The trio’s live show soon exploded into a veritable rock and roll wrecking ball, swinging from melodious soul to gallant rock. Behind a leviathan drum kit, drummer Ricc Sheridan pounds out thundering interwoven beats in the tradition of John Bonham and Billy Cobham’s Mahavishnu—and in appearance, uncannily reminiscent of Hendrix-era Buddy Miles.

The interplay of Matt and Kamara’s singing is mesmerizing, “often invoking the spirit of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris” (Village Voice). With the release of their self-titled EP on Some Records in October 2004, Earl Greyhound began an extensive tour of the US to prepare for the recording of their self-produced debut full-length Soft Targets (release date 10/03/06) in Los Angeles. The tour concluded with an invitation to support Soundtrack of Our Lives at The Troubadour in LA.

Soft Targets was recorded in LA at Westbeach Recorders (FleetwoodMac, Pink Floyd) and finished back home in New York in January 2006. The band is at work preparing their next record and playing shows on the northeast corridor before they head out this fall to support the release of their full-length debut. Soft Targets is one of the most important releases of 2006, a impressive foundation for a band set to make a major impact on the musical landscape. - Go beyond blogging. Capture your life events to share online or just with your friends. FREE

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