The Best Albums You've Probably NEVER Heard Of

I'm just FULL of ideas this week it seems, but this is one I'm hoping the rest of you will contribute to as well.
I will kick it off with a band I discovered recently from Chicago, The Redwalls, and their newest album "De Nova."

In todays modern "alternative" age of rock, these guys are a throwback of the highest order, their musical style leaning heavily on classic rock influences such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and so many more.
In fact, on first listen to "De Nova" one might be inclined to think the album is far older than it is, it sounds like it would fit in perfectly on the racks along side "Sticky Fingers" or "Abbey Road."
Lead singer Logan Barren at times sounds like an eerie cross between an early John Lennon and Bob Dylan, and guitarist Andrew Langer borrows his licks heavily from Keith Richards, Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendicks, but while obviously a tribute to the early rock sounds the album itself sounds fresh, fun and NEW at the same time.
For you "Yamagooers" out there, this would be a killer album to throw on at the party, fire up and rock out depressing whiny BS here, just straight up kickin' rock N roll the way it was meant to be...bluesy, gritty and FUN.
Check out some samples of the tunes here and explore the rest of their site to learn more about them. You can actually listen to every track from "De Nova" on their music page as well as their earlier album "Universal Blues" which is also pretty damn good. You can also check out their My Space page here.
reviewed by: DJ Tommy Mac

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  1. Hey there Slick!

    I finally came over here to see what this Yamagoo stuff is all about and I've got to tell ya, I'm digging it!

    Anyway, yeah, since you turned me on to the Redwalls, I can't get enough.

    Great stuff!


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