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We watch alot of YouTube videos around here. Some are absolutely horrible and some are abso-fuckin-lutely horrible. Finding the video you are really looking for can be a real pain in the ass. Since every 12 year old schmuck in the universe has figured out that adding a bunch of porn-spam-tags to the description of his nose picking Vlog will earn him views (even if there's no real traffic there) it can be hard to search out content you'd really want to watch. Enter PodZinger, the site that enables keyword searches within audio and video podcasts, now lets you search inside YouTube videos as well. This came to us in the GReader from Lifehacker.....
Now besides simply searching on the metadata of the video files, you can search for terms that are actually mentioned inside the audio, allowing for a greater likelihood you will find relevant material.
I don't have any clue yet if the product really works but i can tell you this...if the gang at Lifehacker put it up it ain't too shabby. They rarely miss. So if you listen to lots of Podcasts, or you're just wondering if there are YouTube videos out there that mention you by name, give PodZinger a try and see what's out there.

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