Bob Eubanks apologizes!!!

Yep, he ate some crow after those comments he made about the 501st. members during the Rose Parade! I made him "Celebrity Asshole Of The Week" for it in fact.

I wrote him a strongly worded letter to his website afterwards and this is the reply I just recieved:
"I want you to know that I am sending a personal apology to everyone who contacts me from the 501st. I calculate that Michaela and I spent approximately ten minutes on the Star Wars presentation and were most complimentary of the entire Star Wars project and the Grand Marshal, George Lucas. Unfortunately, the information I received as background did not explain the fact that most of the group are professionals and that their major focus is charity work. There is no doubt that I have a ‘tongue in cheek" sense of humor, but I sincerely stress that in no way did I intend to offend anyone involved with the group.
I ask that you (and they) accept my heartfelt apology and I commend them on the fine work they do in the name of their group.
Bob Eubanks"
Not only did he send that personal apology to ME, but he also publicly and personally apologized to the 501st. themselves. Details on that can be read here.

Way to go to all Star Wars fans who sent him a message that they were NOT happy about being stereotyped as 'jobless groupies.'

Some times it pays to speak ones mind folks!


  1. Hey Tommy GREAT NEWS! The power of the web~!

    The link you posted appears to be broken. Perhaps the post was deleted? Could you double check it and repost?

    Thanks to all the Star Wars fans who wrote and told Bob what you thought! I can only hope we had some small part to play in all this.

  2. it appears that link is no longer working; Im not sure what happened to the article or why it is now gone, but the basic gist of it was that Eubanks personally and publicly apologized to all the members of the 501st. and said he regretted his comments and was uninformed as to the extent of who they were or what they acomplished.

    Just goes to prove even the smallest waves eventually reach the shore...


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