A Potheads Best Friend The "Doorganizer"

Are you fucking kidding me! This may very well be the best thing to happen to Yamagooers since the gravity bong! As we all know smoking herb can make you a little umm....short term memory challenged. So in the spirit of the simplest ideas are the best the folks at The Container Store introduce us to The Doorganizer©....
The Doorganizer© is a hanging reminder and organizer for the doorknob. Ideal for keys, eyeglasses, cell phones, palm-held devices, music players, even envelopes or newspapers fit into the strip at the back!

It looks pretty freekin sweet and at only $15 it could stop me from forgetting every damn thing I was supposed to take with me when I left!

This came to us from the brilliant minds and sharp eyes of Lifehacker - Thanks Gina!

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