NEw New, NEW!

So what do you think? I did a little tweaking of the layout last night. I've also made it so that those really long posts are now shorter with a Read More CLICK HERE... extension. To read the rest of a post just ...well you know what to do!
You'll see the read more thing on every post even if its a short post. I am trying to figure that out now. Once I have it fixed I'll let you know.

I also added a "favicon" to the blog. Whats a favicon? Well its that little picture to the left of the address bar in your browser. If you have us bookmarked the favicon will appear in your menu to the left of the blog name.

I have also created a YouTube Stream. Whats a YouTube Stream? WTF?! Do I have to explain everything?....Just kidding. YouTube is testing out this new feature that lets a group of people join a chat style room, where they can watch a video together and comment in real time. Anyone in the room can add a video to the list and then you can comment away with others. Our YamagooStream is

More to come so don't go away! Oh and did you order your flowers in the post below? You only have 48 hours to save 50% off Valentines Flowers from FTD! What more do you want?

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