Don't Fuck Up! Save and get some for sure!

Ok, here's the deal....

My birthday is February 14th...that's right Valentines Day. Being that my birthday falls on the internationally recognized "day of luv" I am keenly aware if the days significance. I get it though that guys don't really "get" Valentines Day and see it as a terrible obligation to be met with resistance or to be simply forgotten till the last minute (c'mon admit it more than one of you has picked up flowers from a street vendor on the drive home).

So I figured I'd help out by getting you to take action NOW and then be able to "fuggedaboutit" and still get a little somethin, somethin on St Val's day from your....
c.) all of the above

We have arranged an additional 10% off the already up to 40% off any FTD floral purchase made in the next 48 hours ( I am trying to get that increased!) That's HALF OFF...(Do you know how much flowers cost once February hits? Its outfuckinrageous!)

Simply click the banner above, order flowers to be sent to your choice of the above, at the location she will be at on a typical Wednesday morning and ....DUDE UR DONE! Thats right! You will have your ass covered for Valentines Day and it isn't even February yet AND you saved $$$!!! WTF!
Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.
Now I still recommend that you take her out somewhere nice to eat (MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW!..FUCKING RIGHT NOW>>>GO>>>) and buy her something nice...AND if you aren't a complete fucking tard on the day of you will get some!!!!! And it'll be that "you bought me stuff and the thought of you shopping makes me all hot and naughty! "...type sex that we all really love. As a matter of fact buy her something from here while you're at it----------------->>>>>>>
and then get Ur freak deserve it for thinking ahead!

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