Romeo & Juliet with Fire!

Thanks to the folks at BoingBoing for pointing me toward this! Can you imagine being all baked up and sitting through something like this?

True Love in Real Flames

The Crucible celebrates its 8th Anniversary with a sizzling synthesis of dance and fire:

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of
Romeo and Juliet — A Fire Ballet

In the dazzling tradition of The Crucible's Fire Operas, this first-ever Fire Ballet is a theatrical spectacle that fuses ballet, classical music, aerial performance, and the fire and industrial arts into a compelling modernized rendition of Shakespeare's tragic tale. Choreographer Corinne Blum, formerly of the San Francisco Ballet, has been recognized as one of the West Coast’s most exciting, young choreographers. Dazzling fight scenes—expect real fire when tempers flare!

Classically trained ballet dancers share the stage with fire performers, while the aerial dancers of Flyaway Productions soar in the industrial vastness of The Crucible’s 56,000 square foot studio. Capulets and Montagues stage their brawls with urban dance and Capoeira in explosive fight scenes against a backdrop of flaming sculptures. Performers include an amazing cast of dancers and performers that reflects the diversity of the Bay Area’s arts community, from classically trained ballet dancers to outrageous fire performers, including Flyaway Productions, Flavor Group, Wushu West, and The Crucible’s blacksmiths, metal casters, and glassworkers. The legendary tale of star-crossed lovers is set to the passionate and powerful score of Sergei Prokofiev.

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