"Dude be careful with that box!"

Whatever you do DON'T trip....Awwwww nuckin futs!

This commercials been around for quite sometime. It's for a SONY Bravia TV but it's just such a cool concept, and the visuals are so incredible that I had to post it as it came back into my world today (thanks BoingBoing)
Speaking of the Bravia, I am considering upgrading to an HDTV. Ever since my last few visits to DJGreggieC's and the discovery of Kung Fu Hustle in HD I just can't shake the urge. Plus I know my offspring will go ape shit over playing PS2 on a massive and frankly much brighter screen! So here's what I am getting at....

Do YOU have an HDTV? and if so.... What kind of HDTV do you have?

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