Make MP3's from your Cassettes, PC on a Stick and more!

from Lifehacker one of DJ J's all-time favorite blogs!

I love the Lifehacker blog! It is always full of useful stuff and today is no different. There were two REALLY good posts today and I wanted to share the love.

MP3's from Cassettes

I get asked all the time if i can transfer tapes to cd. Some material, particularly recordings of live events, concerts, etc. is just not available in the digital format. Lifehacker, One of my favorite blogs in the universe has posted easy to follow instructions for transferring your tapes into the digital realm. This doesn't do anything to help clean the tapes up. They will still have the same crappy tape sound that they always did, but you can put your brothers garage band recording of "Stairway to Heaven" on your iPod. Rock on Bro...Rock on!

PC on a Stick

Both DJGreggieC and I carry virtual desktops around with us on flash drives. There are tons of reasons why you may want to do this but it can get to be "challenging" if you don't have top notch skills. Thats where MojoPac comes in. It goes way beyond just portable apps (like portable firefox), or virtual machines, it gives you, well a PC on a stick! Why would you want such a thing well ....

Your "PC on a stick" lets you do all sorts of things, like: * Listen to your music library, watch videos and download podcasts from any PC with iTunes installed on your MojoPac (along the lines of Adam's self-sustaining iPod, but using full-on iTunes.)

* Watch downloaded video like movies or TV shows with your media player of choice from any PC on your MojoPac.

* Play PC games like World of Warcraft, Everquest or Half-Life from any PC and take the game and its current state with you.

* Use expensive PC software you have limited licenses for, like Microsoft Office or Photoshop, from any computer.

* Surf with your preferred browser, store your passwords and other sensitive data separate from an untrusted host PC.

* Backup working copies of your essential software so that if your computer crashes or hard drive fails, you can plug your MojoPac into another PC and have a working environment ready to go."

Today during a trip to Best Buy I saw 1Gb Cruzer mini flash drives for $19.99! Think thats good check out the deal that Yamagoo readers get at TigerDirect...Transcend 1GB JetFlash V10 USB Flash Drive $17.99
Go to Lifehacker and read the rest here.

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  1. Very isnt a free program. i use Portable apps now on my flash drive. the difference is that with MojoPac you can run ANY program not just the ones bundled with portable long as you have enough room for the installation of a program you can run it right from MojoPac! All it does is use the PCs processing power. It doesnt leave any files behind on the computer that you're using. Portable apps is great, like I said thats what I use now, but I can run Mixmeister from MojoPac without having to install all the .dll files, codecs and drivers on any PC anywhere! I can't do that now with portable apps!


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