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Retro Mobile HandsetI gotta say I love this thing on a bunch of different levels. First and foremost it is absolutely ridiculous looking but in a way that will just stress other people out.

I am a bluetooth Geek and have experienced the disapproving stares of people who feel bluetooth is somehow "rude" technology.
I actually had someone come up and ask me if I thought I was "so important that I had to be on the phone every second!" I took off my stereo headset so that she could hear the music streaming from my pocket and told her to mind her own business. I know I shouldn't talk to my Mom that way, but Damn!

Anyway I also love this thing because one of the coolest retro DJ headphone set-ups has always been a stolen used handset from a pay phone wired to a 1/4" plug. One of the things that made this rig cool was the skill we had all developed (before phones became so damn tiny) was the shoulder hold. Anyway this set-up comes with a cell standard 2.5mm plug and adaptors for several popular phones. Radio shack sells 2.5mm-1/4" adaptors so I am buying one for my DJ set-up.
They're only $19.99 marked down from $29.99 at WowZzers. Click the picture above to get the full story!

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