Is this the LAST American Idol Finale?

I have to say that I have at best an off again/on again relationship with American Idol. I watched the second season in its entirety and have not seen an entire season since. The first season was such an annoying fad that I dismissed it right off hand and felt vindicated with the release of the Justin Loves Kelly movie. Clarkson subsequent success was what made me give the show another chance and I must say I enjoyed the second season.
Since then it seems the show has taken every opportunity to sabotage and mock itself. Winners (with the notable exception of Carrie Underwood) seem to fail miserably in the "real" world while top 10 finishers like Chris Daughtry and Kelly Pickler have gone on to phenomenal success.
Let's face it part of my problem is that the people who I have backed (backed meaning thought should win...I have never voted on the show) have always lost. That having been said with the singular exception of Bo Bice (WTF did you do to your career dude?) all my choices have been successful (yes I consider Konstantine's role on a soap opera to be success) in one way or another.
So here we are on the eve of another finale. Tonight David Archuleta and David Cook will once again take to the stage and tomorrow one of them will be the newest American Idol. My money is on David Cook. Oh ....not necessarily to win...just to have a successful career. I believe that Archuleta has the best shot at winning. The system favors him. he has a great voice and his youth is an asset. Cook however may be the most all around talented person to perform on Idol. He plays an instrument...something that until this year was EXTREMELY rare...he has the intestinal fortitude to choose bold arrangements (Billie Jean was brilliant) and he really seems to be taking things in and processing the experience.
So tonight I will be watching, and tomorrow we will see what the voters thought. But seriously, hasn't this thing played itself out? Is this the LAST American Idol Finale? No...FOX will ride this horse till its a bag of rotting bones. So the question becomes what should the producers do? I think perhaps its time for Idol to move to the CW or some other 2nd tier network. Perhaps FOX could send the show to their Reality Channel as an exclusive thereby keeping that programming turd from dying the death it so richly deserves. Let's see something new and interesting...oh and please send Paula Abdul to some nice quiet home in the country where she can slip GRACEFULLY into 80's pop memory. The woman needs a break...or maybe we need one. I can't tell.

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